Welcome Letter

Dr. Sofia Siest
President of the Santorini Conference series

Dear colleagues, Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to announce the next event of the Santorini Conferences series, one of the most important international conferences in personalised medicine, founded 20 years ago!

Based on the history and tradition of the previous Santorini Conferences, The 10th Santorini conference, SYSTEMS MEDICINE AND PERSONALISED HEALTH & THERAPY – The Odyssey from Hope to Practice: “Patient first – keep Ithaca always in your mind”, will take place in Santorini island at May 23-26, 2022.

In continuity to the previous one (Santorini Conference 2018), The 10th Santorini Conference is using as metaphor the Greek mythology in the spirit of the island and of our thematic obstacles of personalised medicine to resolve and to overcome for the benefit of the patient.

I am thankfully addressing this message to those who participated in The 9th Santorini Conference hoping that they will stay on board this time also!

Thanks to their contribution, The 9th Santorini Conference gathered 34 worldwide distinguished speakers, who shared their passion for personalised medicine with 160 attendees in nine specific sessions.

Below, you can find the links that correspond to our scientific paper linked with The 9th Santorini Conference along with the related video and the published proceedings of the conference.

For this 20 years anniversary of the Conference, we expect 250 international delegates (researchers, scientists, academics, industrials, biologists, pathologists, oncologists, genetic epidemiologists, pharmacogeneticists and biobanking experts) in a creative environment.

Together with a Steering Committee (SC) and a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) composed by members across academia, clinics and industry, The 10th Santorini Conference is aiming to create interactions among disciplines, as well as exchanges between basic, industrial and medical research directed around a scientific content towards an effective ‘roadmap’ for personalised health and therapy.

The scientific programme includes sessions with presentations from highly reputed scientists, an oral communication session and posters presentations. The 2 best posters will be granted. The first one, « Gérard Siest » poster award, will be granted by ESPT and the second one by the Santorini Conferences Association (SCs).

You can already note the dates (23-26 May 2022) on your calendar and plan to join us.

We count on you for having your ideas/propositions and for being with us in Santorini in 2022 for enjoyable and valuable moments under a nice sun and warm weather that fosters an even more creative atmosphere.