The SCs Association
Santorini Conferences Association

The Santorini Conferences Association (a non-profit society – law 1901) was created at the end of 2019 on the initiative and Presidency of Sofia Siest in order to :

  • Officialise the Santorini Conferences meetings
  •    Promote and support consortia creation
  • Disseminate scientific information
  • Facilitate collaborations between academia and industry
  • Initiate additional Conferences meetings
  • Provide advisory support for grant applications
  • Provide support for post- docs and PhD students’ placements


The objectives established for the Association are as follows:

  • To promote education and research in personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics based on potential biomarkers and clinical and environmental phenotypes (particularly in areas related to smoking, nutrition, physical exercise, sports, pain, etc.) in order to produce quality, verified information for clinical and post-marketing applications and patients; the activities and management of biological resource centres also fall within the scope of this objective ;
  • To facilitate contacts between all those who share the objectives of the association;
  • Integrate fundamental multidisciplinary approaches into research projects and transform these projects into clinical advances, through the training and education of health professionals and the general public in the fields of human pharmacogenetics, clinical pharmacology, clinical pathology and personalized medicine.

To achieve these objectives, the association organizes, co-organizes and supports meetings, symposia, conferences and other scientific gatherings and educational programs to produce information for use in clinical practice and to provide patients with information in the areas of personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics and personalized therapy based on potential biomarkers, environmental factors and clinical parameters.

The major event will be the biennial Santorini Conference. A general assembly of the members of the association will meet on the occasion of this event. Other initiatives contributing to the objectives of the Association may also be undertaken, such as participation in grant applications, clinical trials, multi-centre trials and biomarker evaluations, and the drafting and provision of independent expert advice in the areas of interest to the Association. The Association will publish conference programs and abstracts of papers.
As a general rule, the Association may take any action that facilitates the achievement of its objectives.